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A Dusseldorf-style Altbier (literally old beer), aged for four weeks at 20° cooler than the other beers at the wedding. This beer is similar in color to the Rapunzel, but is about twice as bitter and lacks most of the roasted quality. The hops provide a spicy and floral bitterness and will not off end sensitive taste buds. This beer was brewed in honor of our fathers, who would probably drink whatever we put in front of them. Cheers to our dads!

food pairingsThis is grill beer. Hamburgers, barbeque, chili.

styleDüsseldorf Altbier

alcohol5% by volume

original gravity1.051

final gravity1.013

bitterness48 IBU

maltsHarrington pale, Munich, Aromatic, Carafa, Caramunich

hopsMagnum, Tettnanger

date brewed volume method
1 May 2010 5 gallons all grain
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