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Casey-Moran Irish Ale

An Irish-style Ale, brewed with a malt bill similar to that in the Rapunzel. Aroma of chocolate and caramel. Typically Irish ales are a coppery red color; this version is more of a red-brown. Tastes of brown sugar, caramel, and floral hoppiness, imparted during dry hopping. This beer is a nod to Jessica’s and Jim’s Irish heritage. ‘Casey’ is Jim’s maternal grandmother’s maiden name, and ‘Moran’ is Jessica’s maternal grandmother’s maiden name.

food pairingsTry red ales with pizza, fried chicken, or anything that has a little browning.

styleWit Beer

alcohol5.1% by volume

original gravity1.052

final gravity1.013

bitterness21 IBU

maltsHarrington pale, crystal 20°, Special Roast, Victory, roasted barley

hopsFuggles, Northern Brewer

date brewed volume method
29 May 2010 5 gallons all grain
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