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Eisenhauer Weissbier

Eisenhauer Weissbeer is a pan-European wheat beer. It combines the corriander and citrus from Belgian Witbier, the malt bill of a Bavarian Kristalweizen, and a touch of sour acidity from a Berliner Weisse. This adds up to deliciously crisp, slightly tart wheat ale perfect for summer refreshment.

food pairings

style Kristal-weizen

alcohol3.9% by volume

original gravity1.038

final gravity1.008

bitterness8 IBU

maltsGerman Pils, German Wheat, CaraPils, Unmalted Wheat

hopsTettnanger, Saaz; Lemon zest, Corriander

date brewed volume method
15 Apr 2006 5 gallons all grain
15 Jul 2005 5 gallons all grain
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