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Third Eye Pale Ale

Inspired by Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, our Third Eye Pale Ale is a belated Xmas gift to our brother Paul. Its unveiling happened to coincide with him landing a big new job. That’s a reason for celebration!

food pairingsIPAs play well with spicy food. American IPAs, like Third Eye, play especially well with Mexican and Thai foods that feature citrus juices and bright flavors. The hops and bitterness will lift the strong flavors of a spicy burrito or curry right off your tongue.

styleIndia Pale Ale

alcohol6.4% by volume

original gravity1.064

final gravity1.015

bitterness44 IBU

maltsPale Ale, Vienna, Caramel 10°L, White Wheat


date brewed volume method
10 Apr 2007 5 gallons all grain
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