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Arthur & Ollie’s Pale Ale

Named for the founders of Kansas City’s landmark barbeque joints, this is our first smoke beer. It features barley we lightly smoked over hickory, oak, and apple woods. Arthur & Ollie’s is the perfect beer for tailgating, washing down a brisket sandwich with a side of lard-fried french fries.

food pairingsThis beer was (literally) made for Kansas City barbeque. The smoked grains will pair unbelievably well with smoked meats and the bitterness will lift any greasiness right off your tongue, leaving you ready for the next juicy bite.

styleAmerican Pale Ale

alcohol4.8% by volume

original gravity1.047

final gravity1.010

bitterness31 IBU

maltsPale malt, pale malt smoked over hickory and apple woods, caramel 10°L

hopsTarget; Northern Brewer; East Kent Goldings

date brewed volume method
15 Aug 2007 5 gallons all grain
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