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Long Haul IPA

An American IPA (India Pale Ale), which originated from the beer shipped to British soldiers in India in the 19th century. Since hops act as a preservative, these beers used generous quantities of them. the name ‘Long Haul’ refers to both the journey made by the original IPAs and to the journey Jim and Jessica are embarking on today. Long Haul was brewed with an abundance of hops. And then more were added after fermentation. Then more. This beer has a hazy golden hue, and exhibits a bouquet of grapefruit and flowers, with a flavor to match. This was the most bitter of the beers at our wedding, but in a pleasant way—it did not bite your tongue.

food pairingsLots of big bold flavor, so food that can stand up to it. Spicy Mexican or curry dishes are classic.

styleIndia Pale Ale

alcohol8.4% by volume

original gravity1.074

final gravity1.010

bitterness70 IBU

maltsHarrington pale, crystal 20°, Munich, wheat malt

hopsMagnum, Amarillo, Centennial

date brewed volume method
20 Sep 2011 5 gallons all grain
9 May 2010 5 gallons all grain
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