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Brewed for Lagom Design’s open house, this American amber was a hit with friends, family, and clients alike. Lagom Amber featured citrusy Cascade hops to balance the roasty flavors of the caramel malts. It all added up to a perfectly drinkable pint.

food pairingsAmbers are quite versatile. Lagom Amber has roasted grains that enhance similar flavors in grilled or roasted meats. Cascade hops add floral and citrusy aroma and flavors, so try this beer with fajitas with a squeeze of lime and enjoy!

styleAmerican Amber/Red

alcohol5.2% by volume

original gravity1.054

final gravity1.014

bitterness38 IBU

maltsPale malt, CaraVienne, Munich 10°L


date brewed volume method
1 Mar 2008 5 gallons mini-mash
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