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Doppelbocks were first brewed by monks in southern Germany to nourish the monastery during the fasting calendars of Advent and Lent. This “liquid bread” used vast amounts of grain to produce a heavy beer with plenty of flavor and plenty of alcohol.

The first doppelbock packaged and sold to the public was Paulaner’s Salvator (“savior”). Partially out of respect, and partially in jest, most other commercial examples of doppelbock –especially German varieties– have names ending with “–ator.” I felt obliged to do the same.

food pairingsDoppelbocks are rich, sweet lagers featuring roasted malts. Foods with rich, strong flavors such as barbeque, roasted pork and game are enhanced by a good doppelbock. Desserts with chocolate and caramelized flavors do especially well, too.


alcohol6.2% by volume

original gravity1.073

final gravity1.026

bitterness20 IBU

maltsMunich, Vienna, Crystal 120°L, Chocolate

hopsHallertau, Tettnanger

date brewed volume method
15 Aug 2004 5 gallons mini-mash
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