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Firefly Wheat & Rye Ale

Firefly is a variation of the classic Bavarian Hefe-weizen. Like it’s German cousin, our brew is a fruity and tart thirst quencher. Unlike true Hefe-weizens, we’ve added an equal amount of rye to the mash to spice things up.

food pairingsWheat beers love salads. A light bitterness can let the greens show thru, slight acidity from the distinctive yeasts mirror the acids in a good vinaigrette.


alcohol5.2% by volume

original gravity1.048

final gravity1.008

bitterness12 IBU

maltsGerman pilsner, German malted wheat, German malted rye

hopsHallertau, Saaz, Tettnang

date brewed volume method
7 Jun 2009 5 gallons all grain
9 Mar 2008 5 gallons all grain
7 Apr 2007 5 gallons all grain
18 Jun 2006 5 gallons all grain
29 Apr 2006 5 gallons all grain
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