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Blackletter ESB

This beer is inspired by the traditional pub beers of Britain. It is more flavorful than American beers, but still easy to drink. Don't let the ‘ESB’ (Extra Special Bitter) scare you, Blackletter will be less bitter than most Pale Ales on the market today.

This beer also marked the next step in the evolution of Wagner Brewing from a crappy basement brewing project to a decent basement brewing project. Blackletter was the first beer from Wagner available on tap!

food pairings

styleExtra Special Bitter

alcohol3.9% by volume

original gravity1.048

final gravity1.018

bitterness34 IBU

maltscrystal 40°L, honey malt

hopsMagnum, Kent Goldings

date brewed volume method
7 Apr 2002 5 gallons extract with grain
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