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Cherry Stout

An export stout with the added twang of sour cherries, this beer was our first foray into using fruit in our brews. We crafted a solid stout and let it ferment. Then in the secondary, we racked the stout right onto a bed of cherry purée. The yeast fermented the cherries, leaving only a touch of cherry flavor and a bite of sourness.

food pairingsTry our cherry stout with a bit of vanilla ice cream, or some black forest cake.

styleExport Stout

alcohol6.8% by volume

original gravity1.070

final gravity1.018

bitterness35 IBU

maltsMaris Otter, roast barley, caramel 40°L, caramel 80°L, chocolate malt

hopsEast Kent Goldings

date brewed volume method
8 Nov 2008 5 gallons all grain
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