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Casey Red is our traditional spring beer, always ready for St Patrick’s day and the opening of baseball season. It’s a rich amber brew with plenty of matly goodness. It’s an excellent session beer, and one of our favorites.

food pairingsRed ales pair well with a wide variety of foods. Dishes with roasted or toasted notes like grilled burgers, roast beef, or chili do well. Pizza tastes especially good with a Casey.

styleIrish Red

alcohol5.2% by volume

original gravity1.050

final gravity1.010

bitterness18 IBU

maltsMaris Otter, CaraPils, Special Roast, Biscuit, Chocolate

hopsNorthern Brewer; East Kent Goldings

date brewed volume method
24 Feb 2009 5 gallons all grain
2 Feb 2008 5 gallons all grain
28 Jan 2006 5 gallons all grain
13 Feb 2005 10 gallons extract
3 Mar 2004 5 gallons extract with grain
29 Oct 2001 5 gallons extract with grain
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