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The Big O was the first beer brewed with our new assistant brewer, Jessica. We bottled some of the Big O for Jessica’s sister and her new husband for their honeymoon in the islands:

“The Big O is the perfect beer to enjoy while sitting on the beach under the stars on your tropical honeymoon. The Big O is the hint of orange flavor when you take your first sip; it is the full moon reflecting on the water; it is the vastness of the ocean. The blend of coriander, cloves and honey meld together as the perfect aphrodisiac to get you in the mood for...”

food pairingsWitbiers have lots of citrus and spicy flavor hooks in a light body. The Big O would go well with Asian mandarin salads, Mexican seafood dishes (if they’re not too spicy), and steamed mussels.

styleWit Beer

alcohol5.6% by volume

original gravity1.051

final gravity1.008

bitterness13 IBU

maltsPilsner malt, wheat malt, Carapils, oat flakes, honey

hopsPearle; Saaz, Cascade; crushed coriander seeds, whole cloves, bitter orange peel, tangelo zest

date brewed volume method
22 Mar 2009 5 gallons all grain
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